Based on size, container divided into 20ft containers, 40ft, 40HC ft and 45 ft. whereas on the basis of the charge is known as dry cargo, reefer, and special containers. Here is an explanation about the type and size of container that I got from the international standard equipment list on a cruise that I often use to send my cargo. But keep in mind that the dimensions of container can vary in each series of container, though not very significant.
Type Container
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Dry Containers
20 'with a payload (may contain) up to 28.3 metric tons. For in Indonesia, the average for international shipments are only allowed up to a maximum of 20ton.

As for perishable goods that require special treatment such as fish, vegetables, fruits both fresh and frozen, we can use the reefer container is equipped with a cooling machine that we can set the temperature of the container as needed.

Special Equipment Container
flat racks and artificial tween decks (ATD), both 20 'and 40', ie a container that does not have a permanent roof or walls or container walls can be opened and closed as needed. Suitable for the loading of goods from the top or side of container. Usually used for heavy machinery, pipes, etc..



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